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The Biggest Shift in Digital Marketing

22 January 2018 Nikitha Karnam

WhatsApp launches its new Business app for all its small business.

WhatsApp being used just to establish relationships or friendships or to talk to your dear ones has now become a thing of the past. WhatsApp throughout the world has become the primary form of communication regardless of the nature of the information exchanged. All kinds of small businesses use WhatsApp as a mode of communicating their requirements, to make different kinds of commitments and performing transactions. To make this process more efficient and easier Facebook has launched the WhatsApp Business app. This is the biggest shift in digital marketing since email.

To cater to the needs of its 1.3billion users, this WhatsApp for business app has many new features for the business with similar interest to meet. They have many new features on this app like Business Profiles that help give out their business description, email or store addresses, and website. Enhanced smart messaging tools that give out quick replies to general questions that introduce customers to your business. Adding Account type will be a major add on because since you’re listed the people who interested in your business can have a clarity and easy access. Over time, some businesses will have Confirmed Accounts once it’s been confirmed that the account phone number matches the business phone number and will be establishes as a WhatsApp Business Account. One can also maintain WhatsApp business group to have better strategies lined up.

This is going to be a digital revolution for the business world because it has enhanced the way they carry out their business communication. This will soon replace email since WhatsApp is the most personal communication medium better than email or messenger because they have your phone numbers and this establishes an almost direct contact. We at 3DM are ready with new strategies to adapt to this new business app, for the best digital marketing strategies in town get in touch with us at  9030994366 or 9885324222