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Save money and time by automating marketing activities

24 February 2018 Nikitha Karnam

The best thing about automating your marketing activities is that it is efficient and profitable. More and more marketers are doing it because it works. Automation is the solution for streamlining lead generation, nurturing, and scoring or you want to boost customer retention, ROI, and measurement. Any digital advertising agency, social media marketing company and advertising agency must follow this to make their work easy and increase productivity.

Why market automation?

This helps streamline lead generation, nurturing, scoring, customer retention, ROI measurement, all of this with less wasted time. It reduces the costs you use to increase your staff, using software that enables marketing automation. It also gives a boost to the bmarketing and sales team’s accountability.

And when you substitute manual repetitive tasks with automated activities your staff will get a better opportunity to be more creative. You can target potential customers across multiple channels both offline and online. Marketing automation tools make staying organized easy by enabling you to schedule your campaigns and social media posts
ahead of time.

What are the activities that you can automate:

1. Automating content promotion

Promoting your own content you promoting your own brand, it brings in a lot of traction and leads. Social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter are mostly used to promote content. Even though it is a faster and easier way to generate leads it is very tedious and it doesn’t always end with a perfect ROI. This will definitely be helpful for Social Media marketing company or a digital advertising agency.

With marketing automation tools you can share content to social media from your blog without ever having to do anything, so anytime your blog/website goes live these tools will craft a notification on social media instantly.

2. Automation of your lead-flow processes

Automating your lead flows has huge advantages. Leads are very important for any digital advertising agency and social media marketing company. Lead-flow processes take a lot of time. When you automate this process you save a lot of time and time is a vital issue when it comes to leads. When this monotonous process is off your shoulder you
can concentrate on more important marketing processes.

3. Advance routing can help monitor your CRM

Along with collecting leads you can save time on lead-flow processes by automating them. Marketers can use the platform to link their Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software with social media platforms. With these tools, you can monitor online mentions of your brand. In this way you can watch over the negative mentions to your
posts are respond to them actively. You can also track calls, emails, and meetings for each and every customer with this you can create a specialised and personalised paths to purchase.

4. Marketing analytics can be automated

Each and every marketer has the responsibility to constantly observe and track the successes and losses they incur and prove ROI. Marketing analytics is very crucial and automation can give you the unique observations. With these tools, you can you can track the entire customer lifecycle, break down any report by the contracts in your
database (or CRM) to find key trends present in the data collected over time.

Digital advertising agency and social media advertising agency thrive on analytics like this. You can also analyze each page with analytics like views, keywords, and inbound links. With these marketing tools you can easily pin down the entire traffic source so you concentrate on the campaigns that are giving out favourable outcomes.

5. Automate your marketing emails

It is believed that most of the companies send out one to five emails approximately. This implies that marketers spend more than necessary time on each email and the rest of the important activities are not given the time they require. That’s where automation comes in it saves precious time and money.

6. Automation of email of your clients

We don’t need a rocket scientist to identify that we spend way too much time sorting our inboxes. With few marketing automation tools, you can create an automation workflow that will only notify you when specific people email you. Through this, you don’t have to waste time searching for your clients through irrelevant emails.

7. Automating a set of emails

Some uncommon emails like welcome emails can be automated. With welcome emails, you can automate a brief welcome email to arrive in their inbox automatically. You can also send a series of them to ensure active engagement with your customer.

Specific interest emails can also be triggered by a consumer’s website activity. When a site visitor is interested in a certain product, service, or event on your site, you can send them an email with more information

Holidays are a vital time for each and every brand so you can schedule the related campaigns, posts and promotions in advance.

Currently, 67% of marketing leaders are using a marketing automation platform so why shouldn’t you?